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Money, (Co)Production and Power

Hardy, Jonathan (2016) Money, (Co)Production and Power. Digital Journalism, Vol 5, No 1, pp. 1-25.

Hardy’s article examines positions within political economy via an analysis of scholarship on digital journalism. First looks at ‘celebrant claims’ in accounts of the emergence of digital journalism. Such claims might be pro- or anti-capitalist but centre around increased access to information, lower costs, participatory potential. Draws on underlying assumptions that internet breaks old market monopolies. Benkler, Leadbeater cited as ‘celebrants’ who might well share marxist perspective of critical political economists but see internet as a force to “prevail against corporate strategies and capitalist logics” (Hardy 2016: 3). Emphasis on creative potential of internet. These celebrant claims have been widely critiqued in relation to journalism. (more…)